FDGL - Debited my son's bk acct for unknown serv

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I am my son's bookkeeper for his business - Bud's Mechanical located in Salem, VA.His bank acct has been debited $83.98 per month for entire year, 2012, showing a lease agreement.

We have his bank checking these charges. The only lease agreement he has is with his landlord for rent on his office space. We have discussed this information with the landlord and he is not involved with FDGL.

We would appreciate any information you may have concerning FDGL.We can be reached at my email address - ppurye2@yahoo.com or you may call 540-772-1004.

FDGL is the worst rip-off $10,000.00

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Sales person changed my contract after signing, practiced misleading sales technics, have over priced products and lengthy contracts!

On September 1 2011, Justin LeMaster came into my place of business.

I signed a simple application for merchant services. He agreed to provide a terminal that I could return at anytime. Later, I receive a letter of a lease agreement notice from FDGL in the mail. I immediatly called to let the company know that I did not authorize these charges they said I could return it and they would also refund my first months lease fees!

I recieved the refund and then called back to get their return info. They denied ever saying that. I quickly FEDEX the equipment to the FL address and stopped pay. Two months later, FDGL is now coming after me for a $10,000.00 lease agreement that I did not authorize for a credit card terminal that has a suggested retail sale price of $699 at staples and FDGL.

http://www.staples.com/Verifone-VX570-Credit-Card-Terminal/product_757798 Both the sales and customer service people have not worked with me. They call me daily threatening to ruin my credit and take me to court. Fortunantly for me, I made copies of the original signed documents that does NOT include any lease amounts! I've writen the BBB and the Texas Attorney General.

Also filed a complaint with the police department. Hoping to see my local attorney general soon!

And file more complaints online with FL and Oregon Attorney General.Please feel free to respond with any questions or suggestions!



Sure hope things work out for you. I'll be paying 2 more years on a machine I don't use.

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